Enfield second highest London borough for road transport emissions


Enfield Council published its Climate Action Plan in 2020 with the ambition to achieve net zero for the Borough by 2040, and for the Council’s own operations by 2030. The plan contains details of actions planned to achieve these targets. Some, such as its own operations, are within the Council’s control. Many others, not within its control, it can influence.

The largest items for Enfield are the same categories: domestic gas use is 28.5%, BUT road transport using fossil fuels is a whopping 37%. This makes Enfield the second highest London borough for road transport emissions (after Havering). It was second highest spot for the previous two years as well. To achieve its targets, Enfield needs to address these high emissions items.

Its plan sets out the need for large quantities of homes to convert from gas to heat pumps. But this seems unlikely at present when the cost is around £15,000, more if significant insulation improvements are also needed.

Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) says the council can and should take more action to reduce car use, improve use of public transport and motivate more walking and cycling.

EnCaf suggests everyone can all do more to consider options of walking, cycling and public transport instead of getting in the car.

The organisation recently is held its annual meeting on 31 January. The organisation suggests this coming year will be as busy as ever and it will be a critical year in addressing the emergency of climate change. So come and join us and find out about many of our activities and help Enfield where you can.

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Posted: February 01, 2024