The ECA works in collaboration with a number of charitable organisations and various agencies in Enfield to deliver services and cultural events to the local community. In addition, we also work with organisations outside of the Borough who have similar aims and objectives.

The Council of Leaders within the Black Community (The COL)

The ECA is a member of The COL which is a virtual group comprised of leaders of collaborating organisations serving the Black community. The vision of the COL is to work towards the development of a new Black community which is aspirational, learning, compassionate and self-reliant. A Leadership Conference is held every year for members to report on their progress in meeting the COL's core priority for the previous year and to choose which priority to address for the year ahead.

Reach Society

The ECA works with Reach Society to raise the aspirations of our young people by holding Careers events at primary and secondary schools in Enfield. Reach Society is a social enterprise that encourages, motivates and inspires black boys and young Black men to realise their potential and make viable transitions into adult life. Reach Society is a social enterprise that encourages, motivates, and inspires black boys and young Black men to discover their potential by taking the actions early that will lead to the formation of habits that are essential for the development of robust characters.

Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN)

CAHN is a Black-led organisation set up to address the wider social determinants to eradicate health disparities for Caribbean & African people in the United Kingdom. We work with the Black community and cross-sector organisations to build community resilience, relationships, and a social movement to improve health outcomes for Black people.
CAHN’s vision is to eradicate health disparities for Caribbean and African people within a generation.

CAHN has partnered with the Enfield Caribbean Association and community groups in Birmingham, Leeds, London and Sheffield, to deliver the Weekly Health Hour sessions delivering health messages to our community using African and Caribbean specialist practitioners, GPs and consultants, to support our communities to make informed decisions about their health. This is a two year programme . They will cover topics of relevance to us such as Heart disease, sickle cell, diabetes etc.

Please tune in every Saturday from 11am to 12.15pm.

To register for the Health Hour, visit

Please email for zoom details.

Links with NHS

ECA have worked closely with the NHS and Public Services in Enfield in the drive to improve the health of the African and Caribbean community in Enfield. This has included ta drive to increase the Covid vaccine take up by members of the black community.

For information on where you can get the vaccine go to: walk-in-clinics

Enfield over 50’s Forum

The ECA is a member of Enfield over 50’s Forum which provides information from a multi-cultural aspect to the general over 50’s population in Enfield. The Forum also provides political debates on both local and national government issues. This entitles our members to attend their activities and events such as Monday morning cinema club at Cineworld, starting at 10.30am: entry £3.00.

Enfield Racial Equality Council

The ECA fully supports Enfield Racial Equality Council’s mission to actively promote and seek to implement a racially just, fair and equitable society which will enhance the quality of life for all who live, work and learn in the London Borough of Enfield. We are both committed to working together to achieve these aims.

Enfield Voluntary Action

EVA provides a wide range of services for voluntary sector organisations and for individual volunteers, including training courses, advice on setting up, running and developing voluntary groups and a detailed list of volunteering opportunities in the borough.

Red Card Gambling Support Project Limited

Red Card which offers advice and support to those affected by problem gambling will be working with the ECA to minimise and prevent the impact of gambling on young people through events at primary and secondary schools in Enfield.

Together Our Community Survives (TOCS)

We are working with Street Watch Edmonton and other local partners to identify and deliver food to the BME and other ethnic groups; elderly, vulnerable and families who are experiencing financial or food access difficulties. If you are aware of who would benefit from receiving fresh fruit, vegetables and other food items delivered to their front door by volunteers, please complete the information online.