New Pardna game launched to teach financial literacy

Pardna Game - Jeremy Salmon4

Jeremy Salmon, who designed ECA's Windrush Voice book, and founder and CEO of My BAOBAB LEARNING CIC has launched a new game - The Five Minute Pardna. The game with aims to teach school children and families, the importance of group economics, financial literacy and entrepreneurship through the tradition of Pardna.

As a first generation Windrush child, Jeremy says he is on a mission to pass on the age-old tradition of the pardna system to the younger generation in a fun and interactive way.

Salmon is a homeschooling father of six and grew up in the 70s. He saw first-hand the benefits that the Pardna system had on the disenfranchised Windrush generation that came to England look for a better life.

According to Salmon, “Community saving is a powerful and practical way of empowering communities, families and groups especially during this global financial crisis, where millions of people are feeling the effects in their budget and personal finances. Savings has become important for many and more young people are finding alternative means to start saving in groups.”

To help achieve this goal, Salmon created the Five Minute Pardna game. Five Minute Pardna is a fun, fast-paced game for friends and family. The game simulates how a rotating community saving scheme also known as a Pardna, would work in just a few minutes!

Five Minute Pardna helps children and adults learn how a pardna system works, the history of the Windrush generation, the importance of community saving, responsibility, community accountability, money management, investment, charity, giving and much more.

During 2023 workshops were run throughout the year, playing the game in community groups, holiday activity food programmes, schools. Salmon says the feedback had been phenomenal!!

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Posted: March 04, 2024