Past Windrush Day Celebration

Have a look at our 2023 Windrush Day Celebration, and some of our previous commemorations of this event.

Windrush ship

Every year, ECA holds an annual event to celebrate the contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants. Last year was the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush, bringing 492 Caribbean people to Tilbury Docks, Essex. So, we put in a little bit more additional effort to commemorate this year’s event.

Our Windrush Day event at the Millfield Theatre included a powerful Spoken Word Windrush poem by Moina McInnis. Actress and playwright, Sharron Spice performed a delightful monologue of Evadney Hamilton, Cislin Parry and Roy Merchants. The three real-life characters from ECA’s latest publication – Windrush Wonders, Tales of Travel and Triumph.

The book’s supremely talented author, Kamilah McInnis and amazing illustrator, Kenya Josiah joined ECA chair, Oveta McInnis on the stage for a panel discussion. The discussions emphasised the importance of teaching the legacy of the Windrush generations in schools.

During the evening, ECA also launched the Windrush Voices Teaching Pack developed by TES "Teacher of the Year" finalist, David Jablonka. The lessons plans absorbs the lives of a number of Windrush Voices contributors to support the teaching of the Windrush legacy to secondary school children in History, English and PSHE. The Teaching Pack will be free and made available via the TES website.

What our guest said......

Below are some quotes from the Windrush Day event.

“I thought it was fantastic. It was inspiring, thought provoking and uplifting and very well organised. I’d definitely come again”. Sue Merchant

It was ace. I’m very proud- my hair was standing on end. The achievement makes me proud. I’m looking forward to coming to other events like this. I’ve learned a lot which I’m going to pass ion to my grandchildren”. Joan Stephenson

It was pretty good. Very informative. Its good that the book was launched for the younger generation”. Washington

“It was eye opening. Growing up in the states, we didn’t really know about this, so it was only when I came to the UK (14 years ago) that I first really got to learn about this. This has been really great.” Grace

I grew up in Jamaica and going to school we were proud of education. Here is so different and I think this needs to be in schools so the children have a better understanding of their history. Also it’s hard to know where to start teaching this stuff as teacher, so this is important." Ajani. Primary school teacher (ages 7-11).

“I like the bright colourful drawings in the book” Tighe, 8

Click here, if you would like to purchase a copy of the children's illustrated book, Windrush Wonders or Windrush Voices.

Enjoy some of the images from the event, together with images from our other Windrush events held at Green Towers and the Dugdale Arts Centre.


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Our past ECA Windrush Day events 

In 2022, our Windrush Day Celebration was held at Green Towers Centre in Edmonton,

More than 70 people attended and enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment which included:

  • A specially commemorated Poem by Moina McInnis,
  • A screening of an excerpt from the film documentary of Windrush Voices: 20 Stories of Determination and Triumph.
  • Dramatisation of the life of Cislin Parry’s story, founder of Aquarius Beauty Salon in 1972, from ECA's recently published book, Windrush Voices.


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