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As a result of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crisis in the UK, we had to temporarily adjust our events and activities. We went digital with some activities such as the Windrush celebration. Introduced social distancing for our elders who exercised outdoor in parks in Enfield throughout the Summer. We have now restarted our Luncheon Club, respecting social distancing and operating Covid-safe best practices.



A useful calendar of events and activities taking place locally, nationally and internationally

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Reach Society Annual Careers Conference, 6-9 April 2021

Reach Society's FREE annual Careers Conference will take place virtually and rolled out over for 4 days; 6 to 9 April 2021. Open to anyone from age 13+ the conference will cover a wide range of activities/events and you can register to any or all of the 4 days.
Details of all these activities/events and also how to register can be found here:

  • There are 10 themed workshops on the day 1 (April 6).
  • On day 2 ( April 7) attendees have access to more than 75 role models who are experts in several sectors such as finance, aviation, academia, law and many more.
  • Day 3 (April 8) attendees can have access to 30 exhibitors/employers/universities who will be showcasing a range of opportunities and educational information from internships to graduate roles.
  • Day 4 (April 9) attendees shall gain advice and guidance from experts in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine); and a Panel of Experts.

This is an opportunity no young person can miss! Grateful if you can pass this on to your family friends and wider networks. Feel free to use social media, WhatsApp etc.

Please note: registration end at 2.00pm on 5 April

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The corona virus has hit us all unexpectedly and has affected everything that we do. It has caused us to change our everyday habits and has led to isolation particularly for the elderly and vulnerable. We are working with StreetWatch Edmonton on a joint project called Together Our Community Survives (TOCS) to identify and deliver food to BAME and other ethnic groups. We are only accepting registration for volunteers at the moment. No new elders can be accommodated unless we have more volunteers. To volunteer an hour of your time, please contact Dionne on 07915 919524.