2023 Black History Month

Black Health is Wealth was the theme of ECA's Black History Month event held at the Green Towers Community Centre in Edmonton on Saturday 28 October 2023. More than 180 people came to the all-day event.

Dr Hammond addressing the audience2a

ECA's Black History Month event - 'Black Health is Wealth' 

This free event gave visitors an opportunity to learn about health issues from practicing health practitioners and doctors and raise awareness on how we can take steps to stay healthy and improve our health.

Dr Julie Hammond, GP and an advanced medical aesthetics practitioner hosted CATHIP's health hour event from Green Towers. Her discussion focussed on the importance of increasing screening and testing in the black community. Dr Hammond also addressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Dr Hammond remained for the day at Green Towers, providing high blood pressure testing to everyone who wanted the test. She was also joined by Tracey Cowan, an NHS nurse who also provided the attendees with the opportunity to have their blood sugar levels measured, to provide early detection for diabetes.

In addition, attendees got the opportunity to talk to specialist health practitioners on their personal health conditions and wellbeing. There was information for everyone since the event had been tailored to the black community.

  • The opening address was made by the Mayor of Enfield, Cllr Suna Hurman.
  • Riyad Karim, Assistant Director of Primary Care for NHS Enfield and Dudu Sher-Arami, Director of Public Health in Enfield also addressed the audience.
  • In the afternoon, the audience were further empowered with knowledge and information from Dr Emmanuel Ako, a consultant cardiologist talking specifically talking about heart health. Sickle Cell awareness was also raised by Ohenewaah Affum, a senior biomedical scientist who specialises in the disease.
  • Errol Mckellar spoke movingly about his journey with prostate cancer. His entire life changed in 2010 when he was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer.
  • Evelyn Joseph, breast cancer survivor from Black Women Rising also spoke about her personal experience battling the disease.

Workshops were held:

  • My Art is My Therapy facilitated by Dacika Wallace. The workshop provided an immersive art-making experience where the attendees explored the therapeutic benefits of creative expression.
  • Nutrition for Good Health was facilitated by Jean Jean-Marie focussing on the impact of food choices and supplements on our health and wellbeing.
  • Fitness & Health, facilitated by Jackie Dyer got workshop attendees on their feet. Jackie started the workshop with a brief presentation about the benefits of exercising, particularly to music. Then Green Towers enjoyed the got the audience dancing (and moving from the chair) to the rhythms of Zumba music in her workshop.

ECA were supported by Charles Kwaku-Odoi, CEO of the Caribbean and Affrican Health Network (CAHN). The event was supported by a range of stalls providing information on a number of health topics and therapies. 

Catch a glimpse of our Black Health is Wealth event.



Black History Month celebrations of past years

Have a look at our previous event,


Our Young People are the future event on Saturday 24 September 2022.

Our Young People are our Future was the theme for this FREE event which took place at Enfield Grammar School

Amazing speakers to started the day with some keynote speeches from Arthur Barzey Headteacher at Heron Hall Academy, winner of the prestigious Times Educational Supplement Headteacher of the Year Award. Patrick Vernon, writer of 100 Great Black Britons will also provide make an inspirational speech in the morning of the event.

Dean Okai spoke about positive mindset. The tactics include coping mechanisms, soft skills that improve social outcomes, removing pressure to socially conform. Colleen Amos, OBE – Co-founder and CEO The Amos Bursary encouraged, particularly young black men to apply for a place from the Amos Bursary.

ECA’s Reace Teape hosted the event.

A number of workshops were held in the afternoon including:
1. Getting onto the property Ladder – Daniel Wilson
2. Fundamentals of Freelancing – Roy Edwards
3. Mental Health/Wellbeing – Dr Amanda Brown-Bennett
4. How to use your story to open doors – Amani Simpson
5. Money Moves You Need to Make to Build Wealth Now & In the Future – Charmaine Simpson
6. Positive Mindset – Dean Okai
7. Employability – Dr Dwain Neal OBE
Cultural stalls and refreshments will be available throughout the day. The event will be completed in the evening with performances by Steppazz dance group, spoken word poet Suley Muhidin & musical artist Zoka.


Windrush Voices Film Premiere: Tuesday 4 October at Millfield Theatre

Our Black History Month celebrations continued on Tuesday 4 October at Millfield Theatre with the premiere of ECA’s film documentary Windrush Voices: Stories of Determination and Triumph, by Colin Johnson.

The film is a testament to the ‘back stories’ of the Windrush Generation. Men, women and children who tell their stories about living somewhere warm and lush, full of vibrant colours and aromas, among the love of extended families of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Then travelling, many for the first time by air or sea, to arrive to the drabness of a grey, monotoned war scared London. Where rationing had just recently ended. Outside toilets and the use of public baths were the norm. Sprinkle in the hostile racist environment faced by all, "The No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs" handwritten signs that greeted them.

The film documents how these pioneers overcame widespread ignorance, to survive and challenge the everyday prejudices they experienced and make a massive contribution to British society.

The film was followed by roundtable discussion with the Colin Johnson and Windrush Voices contributors, Paul Riddell, Lavasky Joseph, Pauline Isles and Hyacinth Treasure.


Black Women, in History - The Hidden Stories was the theme of ECA's Black History Month celebrations in October 2021 at the Millfield Theatre.


An evening of discussion held on Saturday 31 October 2020 at the Millfield. The evening explored the history of Black Activism in the UK.

As part of our Black History Month celebration for 2020, Enfield Caribbean Association (ECA) organised an evening of discussion, on Saturday 31 October. The event went digital, and for the first time and streamed live on the Millfield YouTube Channel.

Have a look at our detailed review of the event.

To have a look at the entire event, then feel free to click the link below:
The History of Black Activism in the UK - YouTube

The evening explored the history of Black Activism in the UK. Black Lives Matter activist Delia Mattis was joined by actor, playwright and director, Kwame Kwei-Armah. The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement highlighted the relationship black communities have with the police making headlines around the world. As a result, retired metropolitan police officer, Leroy Logan also joined the panel for the session.

Playwright, novelist and broadcaster, Bonnie Greer and Sir Geoff Palmer, OBE, Professor Emeritus in the School of Life Sciences at Heriot-Watt University & human rights activist and also joined the panel remotely.

Feel free to have a look at our event on the Millfield Channel link below.

Every year, we hold an annual Black History Month event to celebrate the contributions that black people have made to the economic, social and cultural life of the UK. This year, we decided to hold our Black History Month in February to coincide with the celebrations in the USA and the Caribbean.

Please have a look at our videos from previous Black History Month celebrations on our Youtube Channel.