We have an ambitious programme of activities to support our community, however, we need funds to bring these activities to life. We need your help to support our community.

Please give whatever you can.

We currently run:

  • A weekly luncheon club for the elderly in our community.
  • Careers days for school-aged children in Enfield schools.
  • Food parcel deliveries to the elderly and vulnerable in partnership with TOCS.

Annually we hold:

  • A Black History Month event
  • A Windrush Generation Celebration event
    Recently we ran:
  • A very successful Befriending Project for isolated members of our community.

We are now actively exploring the possibility of providing online summer tutoring sessions in English, Maths and Science for Year 10 students. There is a cost to all our activities and programmes, the more funds we have, the more we can do for our community.

Please consider donating to support our work, either regularly or as a one-off donation.

Together we can make a difference.
Thank you for your support.

£10 will support 3 people at our luncheon club for 1 week.
£50 will support 3 people at our luncheon club for 5 weeks.
£100 will support 3 online summer tutoring sessions.

To make a donation please visit our JustGiving page:

Or contact us via for more information.

Thank you for your support at this time.