Annual Report

Annual Report

Message from the Chair

Following the conclusion of our last AGM on Saturday 15 June 2019, the ECA Trustees appointed me as Chair at their Committee meeting on 15 July 2019.

As we reported in our Annual report 2020, this has been an incredible year with unprecedented events. The Covid-19 pandemic changed our way of working. As a result, we have been working from our homes since March 2020 in order to continue our work. We were unable to hold our regular quiz nights; the Luncheon Club and exercise classes as they closed during the lockdown.

However, the team has been strengthened with new members joining the strategic leadership team. They have brought their skills and expertise and as a team we decided to continue to serve the community as best we could. We supported the Together Our Community Survives (TOCS) initiative by working Street Watch Edmonton and other local partners to deliver weekly groceries to the elderly and vulnerable African and Caribbean Community in Enfield who were shielding during the lockdown. We ran a telephone befriending service and various events throughout the summer including an on-line Windrush day Quiz night, exercise classes for the elderly in Broomfield and Pymmes Park, and an on-line summer school for year 10 students in Enfield. We were also able to host a very successful Black History month event – Black Activism in the UK - featuring well established speakers at the Millfields Theatre.

I am delighted that we developed a new website and logo, which we have used to keep the community informed of news relevant to our community. The ECA is now a strong force in the community.

I would like to thank the trustees, associate members and volunteers who continue to provide valuable services to the community.

Vision for 2020/21

  • Vision for an African Caribbean Centre based in Enfield.
  • Outreach through cultural activities and collaborations with other organisations using social media and the website effectively.
  • Political challenges – As members of the The Council of Leaders of the Black Community we have agreed that in the light of the events of this year our focus needs to be supporting and leading social change.

With your support we will be able to continue to provide these vital services to the Black and minority ethnic communities and achieve our mission which is to eliminate racial discrimination and for an inclusive, fair and equal community, in which people of Caribbean origin can develop their full potential as visible, positive contributors and participants in the life of the Borough of Enfield.

Oveta McInnis
Chair and Trustee Enfield Caribbean Association