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The Priority for 2018/19 – Political Challenges

The new priority is about accessing political structures (locally, nationally and in the voluntary sector) to influence decisions that impact the life quality of people in our community.


This priority was selected from the list of 9 core areas (as listed in the COL's declaration of service document) by the group of leaders. 


There was the strong feeling that the assault by the conservative government on the children of the Windrush generation who failed to become registered British citizens was wrong; but also it was an indication that the Black community had stopped monitoring political matters that were designed to be hostile and undermining. The delegates felt that it was necessary to learn from this oversight and put systems, processes and structures in place to provide early warning of any future threats to the community.  


Once again, all of the delegates or leaders present were urged to take this priority back to their leadership teams for consideration and action. Each member of the COL is expected to take its own decisions on the practical implementation of this priority in their spheres of influence such as with parents, young people, other groups, church communities, trade union groups, local and national representatives (such as councillors or MPs) etc. 


The COL believes that concerted action over 12 months by all groups to assert the chosen priority will make a bigger impact than the alternative. In addition, the learning by these groups will provide the COL with significant understanding of viable and workable methods for the protection of the Black community; and gain a deeper grasp of what we need to do in order to take more responsibility for our affairs, and for shaping our destiny.

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