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Windrush Arrival / MBC Origin and Stephen Lawrence Day  

Delegates also discussed 2 items which were deemed to be of strategic importance to our community, the modern Black community (or MBC). They were the Stephen Lawrence Commemoration Day - the 22 April 2019 - that was recently announced by the Theresa May, PM; and the other was the idea of the community recognising 22 June as the symbolic start of the modern Black community (or MBC) in the UK. 


On the former item, it was recognised that the SL commemoration day would become significant over time, and the COL should consider how it would like to support it given that the Stephen Lawrence Trust will be leading this item.


On the latter item, the idea of encouraging our community to remember the symbolic start of the MBC by discussing the date – 22 June 1948 - with family members, over a meal, on the first Sunday after that date was seen as an easy way of helping our young people to understand their story in the UK. Delegates quickly grasped the benefits of this action and agreed to take it on board. Everyone was asked to spread word of this idea via their families, networks and faith groups. 


The new Trinity was asked to review these ideas with a view to deciding how to proactively help to build awareness through COL members and the wider community.  


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