Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

The ECA aims to be a hub in the community for Caribbean individuals and community groups offering support and guidance.

The four strategic areas that we will focus on:

  • Education and Health
  • Community, Cultural Esteem and Economic Empowerment
  • Supporting the Community
  • Social Justice

Education and Health

The Caribbean community in Enfield is aware of the educational challenges the community has faced over the last six decades. African Caribbean students for many years were performing lower than the national average, however, more recently the attainment gap has been narrowing. Nevertheless, we continue to face challenges, such as the continuous over representation of African Caribbean pupils being excluded and the underperformance of black boys.

The hub aims to have a positive effect on pupil’s educational attainment, self- esteem and identity, in addition to supporting parents and schools to significantly reduce the number of exclusions and the impact exclusions can have both socially and psychologically on our young people, as they transition into adulthood.

There are particular health conditions which affect us adversely in comparison to other community groups for example high blood pressure, diabetes, sickle cell, lupus and prostate cancer.

The ECA aims to raise community awareness by signposting and supporting individuals in need of advice by forming links with local health care providers. The Coronavirus is having dea disproportionate effect on the black community.

Community, Cultural Esteem and Economic Empowerment

Building community and cultural esteem can lead to an increase in self-esteem. As such, the aim of our community and cultural esteem work stream is to build esteem in our community through social skills training and cultural awareness programmes and initiatives. More specifically, the aim is to increase the confidence and competence among our children, their parents, and the local community.

We are planning to develop inter-generational programmes that will provide our young people, parents and families with access to activities and events that promote self-esteem, resilience and the reduction of isolation, particularly in relation to strengthening our own cultural identity. We also aim to raise awareness and promote understanding of our community, cultures and traditions among service providers and the local community.

To begin the process we plan to hold a consultation exercise with representatives from the local community to obtain their thoughts, ideas and suggestions about the types of initiatives/programmes that can be practicable developed and implemented. Stemming from the consultation exercise, we aim to establish a community & cultural esteem working group, consisting of selected representatives from local community groups and interested individuals.


 Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment aims to ensure that members of the African-Caribbean community have the skills and resources to improve their economic status. Economic empowerment should put members of the community in a stronger position and gives them the ability to make decisions that promote their own health and wellbeing, as well as that of their families. In addition, individuals can
decide on how to utilise their income and other resources and/or jointly make those decisions.

The ECA fully supports any policies or practical initiatives that supports African-Caribbean businesses and social enterprises. This entails ensuring individuals from the community have access to information, training and expertise that ensures they can continue to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the UK. ECA will actively participate in the creation of the
necessary infrastructure needed to support the economic and social advancement of the African-Caribbean community.

As digital technology impacts at all levels in society, in the work, social and cultural environments, it remains important to ensure that the African Caribbean community in Enfield, and throughout the UK acquire and share the new skillsets required to survive and thrive in the 21 st century.

Supporting the Community

We aim to support the different needs in the community by providing a range of services. We run a luncheon club and offer a seated exercise. We have also set up a befriending service. We want to continue supporting students in schools by running Careers day and other activities which involve the young people.

Social Justice

We understand the need to work for social justice and will do this through being aware of and actively challenging the systems and policies which adversely impact on our community. Housing, Education, the legal system, and Health are examples of areas that affect us all.

In order to continue to improve our conditions we need to have a voice in the community and become actively involved in local politics.